Keynote na konferencji CONFidence 2009!

Mamy zaszczyt poinformować, że keynote pierwszego dnia konferencji będzie Bruce Schneier - amerykański kryptograf, którego w środowisku informatycznym nie trzeba przedstawiać. Przed założeniem firmy BT Counterpane pracował w DOD, AT&T. Autor licznych publikacji, o których informacje można poczytać na jego stronie.

Drugiego dnia konferencji wykładem keynote zaszczyci nas Joanna Rutkowska - znana w Polsce ale głównie na świecie specjalistka ds. bezpieczeństwa wirtualizacji, researcher. Joanna regularnie występuje na prestiżowych konferencjach jak BlackHat, HiTB. Informacje na temat jej pracy można uzupełnić na stronie firmy Invisible Things Lab oraz

Conference movies available!

Take a look at the page with materials from CONFidence, you will find there the first movie of our keynote speaker Joanny Rutkowskiej. During the conference she gave an amazing lecture about security challenges in virtualized environments.

We invite our attendees to re-live CONFidence 2008 and those who had never been there to find out why CONFidence should not be missed by any IT security maniac.

See yourselves! Soon next movies will be published!

CONFidence 2008 has been finished!

On 16th of May, at around 8:30 the CONFidence crowd started to gather in front of Manggha, the conference center situated on the bank of Vistula river, just opposite the Royal Castle. The conference started with the great lecture by Joanna Rutkowska, the top Polish security specialist, who talked about security issues in virtualized enviroments and virtualization based rootkits such as Blue Pill. The attendees used the chance to pick Joanna’s brain and asked her a lot of question concerning presented work.

During the morning session, Dan Griffin gave his lecture about hacking Windows Vista and Alessio L.A. Pennasilico proved how weak the security of MacOS is.

To give the attendees a chance to relax and prepare for the afternoon lectures, a Big Barbecue Feast was organized. An hour break was a great opportunity to chat with CONFidence speakers, ask them questions and discuss the lectures’ topics.

The afternoon session was started with Angelo Rosiello’s presentation about phishing and was followed by Sarah Deacon, Łukasz Bromirski and Felix Krolage talk. Alberto Revelli’s lecture about SQL Injections was especially interesting for CONFidence attendees.

After the firs day of the conference, around 7 pm. Conference crowd moved downtown. People continued discussions and talks at two clubs – Spolem and Coyote Bar, where CONFidence after-party took place.

Even though, most of the people partied till late night or early morning, at the beginning of the second day the conference hall was full. All came to see the presentations of Adrian Pastor and Petko d. Petkov (GNUCITIZEN). Dinis Cruz lecture met with a great interest as well. He talked about OWASP and OWASP stand, where he was answering questions and where OWASP Testing Guide could be bought, was one of the busiest stands.

The last lecture by Wojciech Swiatek concerning wireless security will be remembered long after the conference, due to his heated discussion with Joanna Rutkowska.

There was more than high-quality presentations to enjoy at CONFidence. Anybody interested could play old-school games such as Tekken on real Commodore or International Karate. What is more, some cool gadgets could be bought in the OpenBSD Store and CONFidence shop. During the whole conference two contests took place – Capture the Flag and WarGame. Both were won by the same team, HISPASEC guys – congratulations!

We would like to thank all attendees for coming and creating great atmosphere at CONFidence 2008. We want to thank the sponsors of the conference for their contribution:

and our media sponsors for helping us promote the event.


The presentations from this year’s CONFidence are now available here Confidenca 2008 and you can also take a look at what others have written about our conference:

I met new colleagues and made great connections at Confidence. And I learned a lot. Can’t wait for next year!

Dan Griffin blog

CONFidence was great! We would like to thank to Andrzej, Anna and everybody else in the CONFidence team for making this event one of the greatest experiences of a lifetime. Thanks again. We are looking forward for the next event. :)



Don’t miss the movies made by Petko Petkov and Adrian Pastor (here and here)!

Thank you for attending and see you next year at CONFidence 2009!

Rejestracja na Wargame ruszyła!

Rejestracja będzie otwarta do ostatniego dnia trwania pierwszego etapu - 15 maja włącznie. Zanim zaczniecie się rejestrować mam ogromną prośbę. Przeczytajcie dokładnie regulamin i trzymajcie się go.

Aplikacja, która będzie do przetestowania zostanie udostępniona jutro, ok. godz. 22. Wtedy też przedstawimy wszystkie szczegóły, które będą niezbędne do uczestnictwa w zabawie. Liczymy na zachowanie kultury i zdrowe współzawodnictwo.

Dodatkowe informacje na temat rejestracji znajdziecie tutaj:

Formularz rejestracyjny dostępny jest tutaj:


Wczorajszego dnia oficjalny blog Wargame, który znajdował się pod adresem, został uznany za spam bloga. Czas jaki daje sobie Google na zweryfikowanie, czy faktycznie tak jest, to 20 dni roboczych. W związku z tym rezygnujemy z wodotrysków na rzecz ascetycznego wyglądu.

Jeszcze raz prosimy o zachowanie kultury i zdrowe współzawodnictwo. Psujcie zadania, a nie zabawę innym ;-)

Registration closed!

We would like to inform that the conference is completely sold out! Thus, we have to close the registration today. We are glad to see that every year CONFidence meets with bigger interest.

We apologise to those who were not able to get in and we invite them to attend next year!

At the same time, we want to ecourage all to attend CONFidence workshops:

  • Best practices configuring Cisco routers - Łukasz Bromirski (5 openings left)
  • Web application security - Shreeraj Shah (4 openings left)
  • Wireless Network: Attacks and Defence - Slawomir Jasek (9 openings left)

Okres rejestracji na CONFidence skrócony o 7 dni!

Z powodu ogromnego zainteresowania konferencją organizatorzy CONFidence 2008 zmuszeni zostali do skrócenia okresu rejestracji do 25 kwietnia! Za zaistniałą sytuację najmocniej przepraszamy i bardzo prosimy wszystkich zainteresowanych o szybkie podjęcie decyzji, ponieważ pozostało tylko 20 wolnych miejsc!

Osoby, które uczestniczyły w poprzednich edycjach CONFidence i w trakcie rozmów zadeklarowały wolę uczestniczenia w tegorocznej edycji będą mogły dokonać rejestracji do końca kwietnia poprzez wysłanie maila z danymi na adres info{@}

Dodatkowo informujemy, że istnieje już możliwość zapisów na warsztaty prowadzone przez Łukasza Bromirskiego, które odbędą się w drugim dniu konferencji oraz dzień po niej. W trakcie warsztatów poruszane będą sposoby zabezpieczania routerow Cisco, filtrowanie ruchu, IPSec i IPS. Będzie czas na pytania, uwagi oraz analizę rozwiązań. Lukasz zaprezentuje jak powinny być dostrojone nasze sieci abyśmy mogli spać spokojnie.

Serdecznie zapraszamy!

CONFidence is also a source of information about interesting, worth-attending conferences all around the world. We invite all to participate in HiTB conference, that takes place in Dubai.

CONFidence and HiTB teams have decided to support and promote each other’s events.If you haven’t booked your place you are strongly encouraged to do so immediately!

CONFidence 2008 at Manggha Center of Japanese Art and Technology in Krakow!

We are pleased to inform that this year’s edition of CONFidence will take place in one of the most interesting buildings in Krakow, on the bank of the Vistula river just opposite the Wawel Hill!

More ..

Lockpicking at CONFidence 2008!

We are glad to inform that the first Lockpicking contest in Poland will take place at CONFidence 2008! Before the contest, during the two-day worshops, you will learn how to open the most complicated locks with only a few simple tools. A group of lockpickers from Germany will prove that even the most solid locks can be opened in few minutes without a key. All attendees will be given a chance to show the skills they gained and compete with the others during the contest that will take place on the second day of the conference. The winner will be given great prizes!

Find out more about Lockpicking at

You can register for CONFidence 2008 now!

We invite all security professionals from government, police, industry, bankig sector as well as developers and researchers to take part in CONFidence 2008. But above all we welcome all those who want to know all about the current IT security issues. Remember that Confidence is not just a conference but rather a gathering of people interested in application security and a chance to discuss new developments with the best specialists.

This year we encourage you to buy a support ticket. This way you can help us to invite the best speakers from all over the world and to keep the entrance fee as low as possible so everybody can participate. We want to especially ask companies to consider buying the support ticket as it is the easiest way of contributing to the good cause with the minimum trouble and effort. If you decide to support CONFidence 2008, you will be warmly thanked for your input on our web page and you will be given a special, VIP gift as a sign of our gratitude.

Take part in CONFidence 2008 and register now! registration…