Capture the Flag

The Three Kings

The story

The three kings are randomly chosen ones from the past. Each of them has a different name and a different history. To know their names you have to solve three simple but not necessarily easy tasks. This is where the story begins. You as the competitor tackling these challenges will have to use your skills and wisdom so as to get these names before other competitors will do it. You will have to use tools and your brain but the prize may be worth it, so if you are ready to take on this quest please ask for it at the reception desk before the registration is closed. The kings are looking forward to be uncovered.


1. To win, one has to complete the quest and deliver the output from the quest to the jury. The quest is made up of three tasks.

2. Each task is different. However, all the tasks have the same target, to gain the king’s name.

3. Every task has its own description on the task page. This description gives the proper amount of details and is sufficient to challenge the task.

4. The URLs pointing to the tasks will be given during the conference, once the registration is closed.

5. A competitor may use any tools that she or he finds useful for the contest unless the tool may do harm to the contest server or other computers on the conference network.

6.Carrying out attacks against the server or other computers on the network is prohibited.

7. A conference participant who does not obey these rules may be expelled from the conference place.

8. The jury will be formed during the conference, before the contest registration is closed.

9. The jury will be announcing all necessary information, including the prize information, on the contest page.

10. The jury is the only body liable for judging the competition.