CONFidence Leisure Zone

CONFidence is not just a conference, it is a meeting place for the community and for that reason many cool events will take place on the location. .

  • Lockpicking
  • OpenBSD Store
  • Barbecue & Party


Have you ever seen any of McGywers episodes? Action movie? Crime story? Have you wondered how do they manage to open every door with just a hair slide or paper clip? Did you think all those scenes were just cheap special effects? Not necessarily…

Lockpicking is an art of opening locks without the key. Due to many design or production errors and deep knowledge about the construction of locks, opening them is not as difficult as it may seem. Lockpicking is widely used if the key is lost or if the lock is broken. However, there are many groups that consider opening locks a big challenge and do it just for fun. Over the years they have built rather well-organized communities and nowadays lockipicking groups can be found in most European countries. CONFidence special guest will be the Lockpicking Group from Germany, During the workshop they will demonstrate various ways to open even really complicated locks using just a few simple tools. Every conference attendee will have a chance to see how easy it is, provided that you have the right tools and skills. We will determine who has learned the most and has a chance to become next McGywer during the Lockpicking Contest that will take place at CONFidence.

OpenBSD Store

Last year OpenBSD community (Wim Vandeputte especially) has proved that thinking out of the box is what they do the best. This time they are going to bring crazy gadgets as well! OpenBSD Bikkini contest during CCC Camp 2007 is just a little preview of what they are capable of. Don’t you dare to miss it!

Barbecue & Party

During the first day of conference all attendees will have a chance to try the best local grilled sausage and wash it down with the finest polish beer – the Big Barbecue Feast will start exactly on 4p.m. in the gardens of Manggha Center. We took care not only for the body,but also for the soul (or ears, for that matter). Along with barbecue, the live concert will take place.