Media sponsors serving users since 2000, focuses mainly on security issues and modern technologies. Editors cooperate with specialists from Poland and around the world to ensure information of the best quality. - the biggest polish IT security related portal. It gathers a group of young, creative people and highly certified IT security professionals among others. HACKPL is also a modern, professional platform for information exchange - a platform that is not limited to publishing reports and referring events. HACKPL runs it’s own research in an area widely described as IT security. is polish information service which offers daily IT news, authorial articles, reviews, tests, and computer board.

LOCOS - IT Security and Audit - it’s a web service for everyone who is interested in IT Security, IT audit and control, IT Governance and also protection of personal data according to polish law. We invite IT Specialists, Auditors, Security Officers and any others who are interested how to protect your systems.

N.A.R.F. (Network Access to Reserved Files) is a service which is dealing with basic aspects of the safety of the Linux operating system (with the main orientation for Slackware distributions) which is intended for different equipment platforms, also for computers PC (Personal Computer). Main target of ARF service is a help in fast teaching oneself for using mechanisms built in y safeties of this operating system as well as installing and configuring of he dating software around beyond it.

Securityinfo is the place where you can read about IT security. Articles about practical security and available technologies, comments on what’s going on in the security world, our thoughts on how the security is, how it should be and what to do to make it better, and a lot more. All by security practitioners and professionals. is a new player on the Polish computer magazine market. Its target group consists of advanced computer users, the owners of mobile phones and other devices such as game consoles.

Its main topic is security: protection against hackers and other threats like viruses and malware.

Sites Collide is a unique audio program aimed at educating individuals on the topic of IT, security, and technology. Host Tyrel McMahan, (a 10-year veteran in media and IT) interviews the people responsible for creating interesting technology and websites and presents it in an easy to understand fashion for listeners. The show is designed to get people interested and involved in technology. to serwis poświęcony szeroko pojętej tematyce bezpieczeństwa informacji. Naszym celem jest, aby serwis ten wyróżniał się wysokim poziomem merytorycznym i kompleksowym podejściem do tematu. W serwisie oprócz najważniejszych aktualności publikowane są artykuły, informacje o zbliżających się konferencjach, opis standardów, aktów prawnych, organizacji oraz certyfikatów związanych z tematyką poruszaną w serwisie. The project’s main role is to act as the integrator of IT sector (the IT market orientation tour is available at the single address The webiste’s objective is to help companies which want to invest in their IT function, with the choice of suitable software, equipment or services. The website is also aimed to be the source of the information for the top management, managers, IT specialists as well as for all the enterprises and private subjects interested in IT sector.

Boston IT Security Review Boston IT Security Review is a quarterly magazine dedicated to IT system security. We present the best techniques and systems which help protect resources against intruders, and the newest antivirus software and tools on the market. We bring information needed by every manager, system administrator and programmer responsible for IT system security in a business.

Confidentiel Sécurité

  • 16-pages Newletter. Created in 1994.
  • 1.000 copies each month. 11 issues per year.
  • Subscribers only. 450 euros a year.
  • Readers : IT Security Officers / IT Managers in the largest French speaking companies in France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Belgium, Marocco and Algeria.
  • Managing Director : Jean-Claude Hoff (Expert Witness, specialized in IT crimes. He wrote a technical book about viruses in 1991). He is in the security business since 1983.
  • Editor in Chief : Renaud Hoffman. He is in the security business (as a journalist) since 1990. - the main Polish information service devoted to all facets of Open Source software and Unix-like systems.