Petko d. Petkov

Name: Petko

Surname: Petkov

About speaker: Petko D. Petkov, a.k.a pdp, is the founder and leading member of the GNUCITIZEN Cutting Edge Think tank. He is a widely recognized information security researcher, penetration tester and published author who has contributed to numerous best-selling books, popular blogs and online magazines. PDP is also popular as the editor in chief of Hakiri - Hackers’ Lifestyle web magazine.

GNUCITIZEN is a Cutting-edge, Ethical Hacker Outfit, Information Think Tank, which primarily deals with all aspects of the art of hacking. GNUCITIZEN’s work has been featured in established magazines and information portals, such as Wired, Eweek, The Register, PC Week, IDG, BBC and many others. The members of the GNUCITIZEN group are well known and respected experts in the Information Security and Negative Public Relations (PR) Industries, with widely recognized experience in the government and corporate sectors and the open source community.

Talk: Client-side Security


Security professionals and hackers alike often concentrate all of their efforts on the server, meanwhile ignoring the potential damages that can be caused by attacks targeting the client, leaving both servers and clients compromised. This paper describes numerous techniques for attacking Clients-side technologies. The content of the paper is heavily influenced by the research that has been conducted over the past year by the GNUCITIZEN Hacker Outfit.