Raoul Chiesa

Name: Raoul

Surname: Chiesa

About speaker: Raoul Chiesa was born in Turin on 3rd July 1973: he has been one of the first hackers in Italy.His first wanderings on the international computer networks of the biggest Eighties and Nineties companies date back to 1986, when he was 13, under the nickname of Nobody After a series of sensational interferences, such as telcos and other military, governmental, and financial institutions, he was officially recognised as one of the main members of the European and North American hacker scene by international authorities in 1995.

As founder and C.T.O. of @ Mediaservice.net, an italian vendor-independent, security consulting firm, Raoul Chiesa has been active in the field of computer security research at a high level since 1997, together with a team of experts and technicians who gave their contribution to national and international Security R&D projects.

In 2000, Prof. Danilo Bruschi, President of CLUSIT, asked him to be a founder member of the Italian Association for Computer Security; since the first year of activity of the association, Raoul Chiesa has been a member of its Board of Directors, participating in the work of the Study Commission about theCertifications in Computer Security and acting as a coordinator of the Open Source and Security’s Commission.

In 2002, two security researchers and Raoul founded the italian-based association “Blackhats.it”, a group of security experts and hackers, some of whom working in the field of ICT, who decided to collaborate as a single entity. It is a handful of computer security professionals, strongly linked to “underground” world and genuine hacker philosophy, men and women who devoted themselves to technological innovations and to the improvement of security standards on the Internet.

Since 2003, Raoul Chiesa is the Southern Europe Referent for TSTF (Telecom Security Task Force), an international panel of consultants with high level skills on telcos present in four continents; in the same year Raoul Chiesa was elected in the ISECOM’s International Executive Board, following his role of Director of Communications for the Institute (2004).

Talk: SCADA Security